Our current activities

Supporting Qatar for VBD risk assessment and management

Ongoing: Supporting the Ministry of Public Health of Qatar in assessing the risk of vector-borne diseases (VBD). January 2019: performing a mosquito snapshot survey and analysing mosquito samples collected locally throughout 2018. Expert service in line with the situation analysis and needs assessment for vector-borne diseases performed for MoPH and WHO EMRO in September 2017.

Mosquito identification by mass spectrometry

Ongoing (research): Creating a first MALDI-TOF MS SuperSpectra data base for the identification of western Palaearctic mosquito species at adult, larva, and egg stages. A collaborative project of UZH/IPZ and Mabritec AG.

Optimising Tiger mosquito surveillance

Ongoing (2018-2021): Contributing to ARBOMONITOR project (Dengue, chikungunya and Zika vector in Europe: cost effective optimisation of surveillance and control) led by Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, aiming at contributing to a more in-depth knowledge of the European populations of Aedes albopictus in order to optimise existing and plan new surveillance and control programmes in a cost-effective way.

Biodiversity of bloodsucking insects in Norway

Ongoing (2018-2020): Contributing to NorBite project (Mapping of bloodsucking insects in Norway) led by the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA), by performing field missions to collect mosquitoes in Norway and train local scientists to identify mosquito species.

Improving guidelines for the surveillance and control of invasive mosquitoes

Ongoing (2018-2022): Contributing to AIM-COST action (Aedes Invasive Mosquitoes) by leading the WG1 – Monitoring & surveillance of AIMs and exotic AIM-borne viruses. The main aim of this action is to establish a transboundary network of partners and institutions across Europe to cost effectively address the management of the risk of introduction and spread of exotic AIM-borne viruses. We did attend and contribute to the First Annual Conference on Aedes Invasive Mosquito COST ACTION TD17108, Athens, 13-14 February 2019.

Supporting administrations for managing risk due to invasive mosquitoes

Ongoing (2018-2021): contributing to TIGER project within the INTERREG V Upper Rhine programme, aiming at providing scientific and technical support to administrations and institutions for the evaluation and management of the health risk related to invasive mosquitoes, and the Asian tiger mosquito in particular.

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